About us

Our company

Comfort Homes LLC was started as a siding contractor from a sister company called V.A. and Sons construction Corp, in 1995. When the siding business got slow we started to build a house or two a year to keep us busy, In 1999 Comfort Homes LLC was started, at that time we wanted to pursue the new & custom homes construction in the Salem & mid Willamette valley area.

Our Inspiration

Comfort Homes LLC was inspired by new construction, high quality and modern design. The business has been owned and operated since the start consisting from four brothers and a dad. Viktor Makarenko (dad) who is a member of LLC, Andre Makarenko is the president, Gene, Sergei & Ilya are other three brothers that are part/owners of the company.

Our Mission

We all work together and strive to be the best in the industry with the latest trends. We take pride in every house we build. We take pride in every sub contractor we hire. Most of the sub contractors that work with us have been working for many year with Comfort Homes and other area’s leading Home builders. Each one of the brothers has their own responsibility for the business. We depend on each other to make the company run smoothly. Andre, Sergei & Viktor work full time for Comfort Homes LLC. Andre makes all scheduling, designs the plans, meets with clients and many other things. Sergei is the main person out in the field to make sure everything runs smoothly. Viktor makes sure all sites are clean, does allot of deliveries and also helps Sergei out with crews. Gene & Ilya still run the V.A. & sons construction that is their main job. V.A and Sons Construction work on all of Comfort Homes houses on siding, framing & other miscellaneous jobs.